LONDON basedDriver&Photographer

Since I began my driving job in summer 2012 I have driven an incredible 250,000 miles, it is a road trip that is the distance as the earth is to the moon and still some……

As a driver, having moved from Iran to London, I fell in love with the city I lived in, the beautiful architecture and landscapes, flow of people, sounds and life being lived. I so much wanted to capture this diversity and intensity  

        wish me luck……

About me:

With hard work, sheer determination and some luck, I managed to secure a driving job with one of the largest companies in London ( Addison Lee ). This job presented to me an opportunity of a lifetime, allowing me to discover London and see it through the eyes of the people who live and visit this great city.

Ironically Londoners are fairly self-depreciating about their city and I have heard my fair share of complaints from them about London, in particular about the weather, housing, transport….. However, to me it remains the city that offered me a new lease of life.

London is now the place I am honoured to call my home and the city that beckons me and my camera to its streets, people, life, architecture and I can’t stop appreciating all the magic and beauty it offers.

That’s why I decided to try and immortalise it with my camera: to capture the every day wonders which many of us do take for granted.


The Photo-Book idea came to me in the summer of 2014. I was fascinated by the way that cities evolve over time, taking on the characteristics of the people who live in them and I wanted to represent this inevitable march of change in visual form. This took me on a wonderful journey through London’s streets and I am so fortunate to have had a wonderful subject:

“The ever changing city of London”


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