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Since I began my driving job in summer 2012 I have driven an incredible 250,000 miles, enough to take me past the moon, if I could find a road there!

Over that period of time I have taken more than 50,000 photos and am still holding my trusty camera, looking out for the next one. 

wish me luck......

About me:

Through hard work, sheer determination and perhaps some luck, I managed to get a job, driving with one of the largest private hire company’s in London. For me, this was an opportunity of a lifetime, allowing me to discover London and see the city through the eyes of the people who live there.

Ironically, Londoners are fairly uncomplimentary about their city and I have heard my fair share of complaints about London from them, but to me it remains the place that gave me a second chance: and is now the place which I am honoured to call home. Its streets enrapture me, and I cannot refrain from appreciating all the magic and beauty that the city has to offer.

That’s why I decided to try and immortalise it with my camera: to capture the every day wonders, which we take for granted.

My Gear:

 Camera: SONY A77
                  FUJIFILM X100
 Lenses: Sony 16-50 
                  Sony 11-18
                  Sony 85mm
                  Minolta 70-200

About My project:

The idea for the project came to me in the summer of 2014. I was fascinated by the way that cities evolve over time, taking on the characteristics of the people who live in them and I wanted to represent this inevitable march of change in visual form. This took me on a wonderful journey through London’s streets.
All art is sustained by the people who patronise it and I am eternally grateful for every piece of encouragement that I have ever received. This is why I wanted to self-publish this work, because I want to have a connection to every single person who experiences it with me.  

Finally, a photographer is only as good as the thing that he is shooting, and I am fortunate enough to have a wonderful subject: the ever-changing city of London. The aim of my Photo Book is to capture the essence of life and change, and I hope that you enjoy book half as much, as I have enjoyed working on this project, because if you do, my mission will be complete.   


Designer: Jevgenija Bitter 

Photographer:Danial Emani


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